Small Groups Directory

"United in purpose, they devoted themselves to attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes. They shared their meals with great joy and generosity." - Acts 2:46


"And day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that Jesus is the Christ." - Acts 5:42

We feel strongly that there's a whole lot more to a healthy church than Sunday mornings. We do gather once a week on Sundays, but also day to day in homes or wherever "two or more are gathered in His name!" Both are found in Scripture, believers meet together "in the Temple Courts," and also "from house to house." It's truly great to celebrate Jesus together on Sunday mornings and at events, and also truly great to stay connected to each other as a family in smaller gatherings for intimate times of fellowship, worship, prayer and Bible Study. Use this directory of small groups to find a meeting you'd like to check out! If you're doing a small group and would like it listed here please get the information to a Pastor.

Group Details:

Leader(s): Bob Dale, Larry Weldon

Location: 70 Birchwood Dr. Gouverneur, NY

Day/Time: Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm

Info: Men's Group Study on the Gospel of Matthew

Contact: 315.854.2528, 315.771.2462

Leader(s): Harry Harmer, Pat Downing

Location: 491 Pooler Rd. DeKalb Jct., NY

Day/Time: Saturdays, 6-7:30pm

Info: Men's Group Study on the Gospel of Matthew

Contact: 315.530.7980, 270.576.1356

Leader(s): Sherry Harmer, Michelle Downing

Location: 5 Second St. DeKalb Jct., NY

Day/Time: Saturdays, 6-7:30

Info: Women's Group Study on the Gospel of Matthew

Contact: 315.854.5441, 315.854.1020